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  • “I had a wonderful experience with Safety 1st Driver Trainer. During my learning process the driver trainer involved observed my driving capabilities and carefully took time to explain the more complicated concepts of driving, especially in situations where my safety may be at risk. With assistance from my trainer, I began to feel comfortable and overcame my nervousness associated with driving in test situations as he conducted mock-driving test scenarios and structured my lessons to address areas that needed improvement, providing constructive feedback when necessary. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised at how my trainer was willing to go way beyond his means to ensure that I scored more than what was required to pass my test. My trainer used time away from my driving hours to review and provide comment on any notes I had made for my driving test. More importantly, he also had a great passion in ensuring that I stayed safe on the roads during and after having successfully obtained my drivers’ license. I highly recommend engaging in the services of Safety 1st Driver – upon reflection, I found that they provided very good value for money as my lessons were tailored specifically to suit my learning capabilities and the services that were provided had exceeded what was required.”

    Sabrina Rastam

  • “My experience with Safety1st driving has been a very positive one. Before I had only been driving with a family member on quiet streets and was too afraid to venture into any sort of traffic and when I told my instructor this he was excellent about it. He ensured I was always making progress without pushing me past what I could handle at that time. My instructor was very patient and from the start there was a strong focus on being a safe driver so good habits were formed from the start. He was very supportive and understanding and was always on the alert which made me feel a lot better as I was getting used to everything. I can now say that I am a much more careful, confident driver and I would highly recommend Safety1st to anyone who is learning to drive.”

    Michelle McLeod

  • “Staff were very friendly and clear with their instructions. If i was struggling to get anything my instructor would help me to focus on what was needed to be done. It was a enjoyable time and my instructor did not make me nervous in any way. At all times they would remain calm and clear. Prices are very fair for what you get. I would recommend this driving school to many more people.”

    Brodie Forwell

  • “Driving was made very easy with Safety 1st Driver Trainer! I always felt my instructor was sincere about safety on the road which made me feel as though my time and money spent driving with my instructor was well worth it! Thank you Glen!”

    Paula Della Gatta

  • “Glen is such an amazing driving instructor! I 11/10 recommend him for anyone learning to drive! He is so patient with anyone and everybody. He very understanding and knows exactly how to calm you down before your test! He’s amazing”

    Renea Burnett

  • “Just passed my PDA today and i am very grateful to Glen for his patience and encouragement. Very approachable! Highly recommend Glen👍🏻☺️. Thanks heaps😉”

    Donna Maricel Cardino

  • “I just took 3 driving lessons with Glenn and passed my test for the full C class license. Glenn is very friendly and lets you know exactly what the test will be like. I would really recommend this school!”

    Mariam Hamdani

  • “I had Glen as my driving instructor, he was amazing! Glen is very experienced and passionate about his job. Very patient and helpful, he taught me everything I needed to know in order to pass my PDA in just a few lessons. I would highly recommend Glen to anyone wanting driving lessons - you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!”

    Courtney Ehmsen

  • “I had the best experience, Glen was such a good instructor and very Patient. Excellent service and very good pricing”

    Anika Engelbrecht

  • “Well well had a soild driveing experience with glen hes very great in all your road safety and every thing that's related to your PDA test glen got u coverd to past ur PDA test 100% and its worth ur money fella oh yeah glen kick back as humble I would recommended to everyone who needs to past their PDA test :)”

    lee tran

  • “I had a great experience with Safety First, my instructor Glenn gave great instructions and helped me to learn everything about driving safely and I even passed my test first try! Thanks so much Glenn”

    Lily Tuckwell

  • “Happy with my driving lesson...Thanks Glen”

    Avijit Mukherjee

  • “Glen is possibly the best driving instructor, I definitely recommend him as he is very nice, patient and makes the whole experience less daunting 😊”

    Shontae Quartermaine

  • “I had no regrets whatsoever for have chosen to take my driving lessons from Safety 1st Driver,Trainer,as my driving instructor was very kind and very patient which in itself gave me the extra boost of confidence in myself thereby helping me overcome my initial fear of sitting behind the wheel.The plus point of learning from Safety 1st is that they ensure to achieve not just passing your driving test, but also teaching you the skills of driving safely.”

    Beverly Payne

  • “I would love to recommend this driving school to everyone as teachers are very professional, friendly, extremely helpful in enabling me to get my full license! Especially want to say thank you to Glen, for positive energy and professional help!”

    Аhactacnr Мурatoba

  • “Encouraging and easy going. Really motivating and helpful! Finally passed my test with Glenn!”

    Andre Dre

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  • “I found the driver in Safety First very friendly and patient. I find that his instructions are very easy to follow and I wasn't confident of driving a car and was afraid of traffic. The instructor put me at ease and gradually step by step eased me into driving confidently.”

    Nazbeen Jafferalli

  • “Friendly staff, very patient! I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to pass their driving test first time around! affordable prices and reliable!!”

    Shannon Merrett

  • “Glen is a wonderful driving instructor, very patience if you're a nervous driver and will do everything to make sure that you're okay and confident. Will always reccomend him to friends!”

    Terri Hainsworth-Jumarang

  • “Excellent service . According to me #best driving school in gosnells.”

    Md Saquib

  • “Really friendly instructors, very encouraging and easy to work with! I highly recommend learning with Safety 1st !!!”

    Georgia E

  • “It was a great experience, I learn’t a lot of tips. Got my license the following day.”

    Caroline Magagula

  • “I had Glen as my driver Intructer. I’ve learnt so much about driving in only a few lesson, I wasn’t a confident driver , didn’t even want to go on the road , by the end of my first lesson I felt confident & safe, I highly recommend to book Glen for your lessons.”

    Emily Roberts

  • “Passed first time with Glen! Would recommend him to anyone.”

    Emma Harkin

  • “Early this year through only 4 lessons with Saftey first (Driver Glen) We drove in the chosen area of my pda to get familiar with the roads and took practice tests. I went for my PDA and passed it first go!! Saftey first was a great experience with individual attention I was able to pass straight away.”

    Acacia Syme

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    Gypsy Sykes-Ruffles

    I had glen as a driving instructor, he is very wonderful and helps you through it all slowly and steady, I would 100% recommend glen ❤️
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    Jojo Bucks

    Awesome instructor. Clear, precise & easy to understand. Highly recommended.
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    Monique Augustine

    Very happy !!
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    Got very good guidance while passing my driving test in Kelmscott.
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    Passed my driving test in Midland...awesome felling !!
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    Well assisted...Thanks very much !!
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    I am Tiara from Mount Lawley . Very happy ...will recommend soon.
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    Hi Glen ...Thank you very much !!
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    Feeling nice and happy ...finally passed my test.
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    Hi Glen... this is Sarah . Thank you for the support.
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    Congratulations to Josie from Ballajura for passing her driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Bailey from Bayswater for passing his test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Valhalli from Winthrop for passing her test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Diya from Denton for passing her test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Teisha for passing her test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Salvana from Forrestfield for passing her test in Midland
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    Congratulations to Jasmine from Ballajurra for passing her driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Tegan for passing her test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Gypsy from Swanview for passing her driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Jessi from Mount Pleasant for passing her driving test in Cannington.
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    Congratulations to Anika from Morley for passing her driving test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Renée from Ballajura for passing her test in Midland
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    Congratulations to Jo from Mount Richon for passing her driving test at Success.
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    Congratulations to Tanya from Wattle Grove for passing her test in Kelmscott.
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    Congratulations to Mackenzie for passing her driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Lee for passing his driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Jessie for passing her test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Gracie for passing her test in Midland
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    Congratulations to Madeline for passing her driving test in Midland.
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    Congratulations to Bridget for passing her test in Cannington.
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    Congratulations to Leo for passing his test in Kelmscott.